Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The result

Well off I went yesterday, it was a tough day where winds picked upto 17 knots which had not been predicted.

After 9 hours 58 mins I became the first British female to Conquer the Cook Strait!

I feel very proud, my support crew were amazing, my arms ache and I will write up my swim in a few days time as now I have to go and pay my fees for the swim, have a nice relaxing lunch, meet a few people and then head out of Wellington-this time for good (well for this trip anyway)!

We are heading upto Auckland, it will take a couple of day to get there and we are all going to enjoy the last few days and my first few days to relax without thinking about swimming or training! Bliss! We may head back into the water though with a scuba dive!

Thank you to all of you who have sent kind messages before, during and after my swim. It has been great support and lovely to hear from you all.

TTFN xxx


  1. Just read the news on another site - great stuff Emily, really well done!

    Captain Flymo (aka Gill's mate Steve!)

  2. Well done Emily, now I know somebody who should be famous!


  3. Well done! Looking forward to all the details.


  4. Emily, that's amazing! Well done, what a fantastic achievement. Enjoy your well earned rest! Vickie xx

  5. Hello Emily,
    I just checked your blog. I saw you successfully swam the Cook Strait. Congratulations! What a big accomplishment. Well done! A big Hurray from Alaska!
    Kathi & Bill

  6. Congratulations Emily! Callum, Aisling and I have been following your progress and the kids will be extremely proud to learn of your achievements. Hope to see you back soon?

  7. Emily

    Inspirational! Incredibly well done. Do you need to swim back to collect your clothes now?


  8. Hi Emily, fantastic result. Well done. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

  9. Hello!!!

    Congrats chief, ruddy good effort I say! Look forward to catching up with you and giving you a jolly good pat on the back.

    Tej x

  10. Hello Emily, congratulations you did it!!!!!!!
    Several times I checked your page and now I see you succeeded. Well done.

    The Dutch family in Wellington.

  11. Hey Emily!

    When we going to get the full jiggy on the swim - come on girl! Hope you are having a great relaxing time now - can't wait to see you on May 1st, I hope!


    Sal x