Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not today

Hi all, I'm very very disappointed as the swim is not happening today.

Now we are looking at changing flights as the next tide starts next week on sunday until Saturday 13th March. This will be where I have to hope for 2 days of good weather as I have to go after the person who is booked on to that tide. This tide will be my last chance. I am worried that I am going to end up not doing it.

I am off to do a long training swim today, can't say i'm in the mood for it. Tonight we are moving onto some friends in Levin and then we are going to travel north to Rotorura and Taupo. It is frustrating that the training swims will still have to happen. My holiday may start when i get home!


  1. keep yer chin up Em's.....really,really REALLY hope you get the oportunity to attempt this swim... cause ye!....i know you can do it......

  2. Sorry to hear that conditions have been so bad. Looks like you will be following myself (Steve Junk) and Michelle (both doing solo) on the next tide. Hopefully conditions will be better then. We can maybe catch up while we wait around in Wellington!!

  3. So many people back home are asking after you, they so feel for you; for the frustration...they know you can do it. They all send you their love and are rooting for you!

    I am SO proud of you and love you very much......



  4. Hi Emily,
    Have just spoken to your mum and know how frustrating this must all be for you. We are thinking of you and hope that the opportunity comes your way in a few days time. I will keep looking at your blog and we wish you all the best and are keeping our fingers crossed for you.

    Ian, Sam and Jake

  5. Hi Emily,

    Don't know if you managed to make the swim, but we're all still hoping you get the chance.. Chrissie x

  6. Hi Emily
    Just had the newsletter from your mum and read your blogs. Really wishing the weather gets better for you and the swim happens. So proud of you!
    Lots of love
    Sue (L M School!!)