Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Still no swim!

Well I have just been told that tomorrow is another day of no swimming! The wind is really bad, white caps just fill the harbour. I am getting pretty stressed now as all hangs on the weather improving by Thursday as this is the last day of my tide. Philip has said that there is a chance that I could go on Friday but it would have to be exceptional conditions as the tide will be starting to change into a spring tide (no one has ever swum a spring tide yet as too much water moves making the swim pretty much impossible-you have to be an exceptionally fast swimmer).

I have looked on Wind Guru and it does look as thought the wind will be dropping by Thursday to 10-15 knots. This is swimmable 10 knots or less is ideal, 15 is at the point of consideration and if it is due to increase as the day goes on a swim will not happen.

Because I am not a speedy swimmer they are also looking into how long the window of settled weather will last for as it will need to last 11 hours, this is a big ask considering that 2 minutes of settled weather over the past 5 days has been impossible!

Still the sky is clear tonight, the sea in the harbour has flattened a bit so there is still hope.

I decided yesterday that my last 6 hour swim seems so long ago and so I went for quite a rough training swim, the sea was tipping me up and down, but it was fun. I swam about 4.5kms in 1hour 40 mins. I swam from Belena bay round to Freyberg Beach and back again. Aidan and Dad walked along with me to ensure my safety.

Today I had an intense 1 hour pool training session. Aidan joined me which was fun as he really helped to spur me on as we did a fair bit of sprint work. My muscles are feeling this session more than yesterdays!

Tomorrow we are off to catch the ferry out to Somes Island, situated within the harbour. It used to be used for a quarantine station and a small separate island next to it was used to keep 1 poor man who was considered to have leprosy confined to it many years ago. It has only been open to the public for a couple of years now but apparently it is home to all indigenous species and we should hopefully see dragons! If I am allowed I will do a 1 hour training swim along the coastline of it, if not, i will do a swim to the lighthouse and back when we return to the city.

A few pictures and video clip of yesterdays swim:

Will swimming down hill speed up the swim?
Argh! help i'm being swallowed!
But I still have a smile on my face!

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  1. just watched yer video....yer looking strong girl...and if you gotta swim on spring tides- Well its just another record for you!!
    Keep Swimming those arms Em's!!!
    ps. can'y wait to tell people i know someone who's swum cook straight! whey hey!!